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10 July 2015

New anthology by researchers of genre

Genre and … Copenhagen Studies in Genre 2 has been issued by the publishing house Ekbátana and is edited by Sune Auken, Palle Schantz Lauridsen og Anders Juhl Rasmussen.

The anthology contains 13 articles studying the concept of genre and genres in aesthetic, language and cultural expressions. In the introductory chapter the editors argue that the concept and expressions of genre are manifold which is also reflected in the titles of the book’s articles:

Genre and Writing Pedagogy
Genre and Everyday Conversation
Genre and Rhetoric 
Genre and Paratext
Genre and Interpretation
Genre and Generic Modulation 
Genre and Adaptation in Motion
Genre and Lyric Poetry
Genre and Working Class Fiction
Genre and the Collective Novel 
Genre and the Novelistic
Genre and Language
Genre and Categorization

The authors are Anne Smedegaard, Frans Gregersen, Christel Sunesen, Anders Juhl Rasmussen, Sune Auken, Palle Schantz Lauridsen, Erik Svendsen, René Rasmussen, Beata Agrell, Bo Jørgensen, Gorm Larsen, Nina Møller Andersen and Ib Ulbæk.

The book is offered as download from the publisher’s website. Download is free but donations are welcome.