Centre for Genre Research

The Centre for Genre Research moves at the forefront of existing genre research, with a wide international network, a developing interdisciplinary research profile in both English and Danish, and extensive teaching activities at all levels, including a strong profile in research education.

The centre embraces the highly developed research in current Genre Studies. At the core of this research is the advanced, remarkably cohesive, and extensive body of knowledge established in Rhetorical Genre Studies, in English for Specific Purposes, and in Systemic Functional Linguistics. The field now spans important work within Rhetoric, Composition, Linguistics, Sociology, Ethnography, Business Communication, Composition and Information Studies.

The centre seeks to develop and expand this research by examining and challenging its theoretical underpinnings, by expanding its scholarly reach, and by reintegrating a number of subjects into Genre Studies that have been left behind in the development of current Genre Studies. Specifically, the centre strives to establish a cohesive connection between aesthetic and functional theories of genre, in order to reinvigorate the study of genre in aesthetic research fields, and the inclusion of aesthetic subjects in Genre Studies.

Furthermore, the centre works to establish infrastructures within Genre Studies, to disseminate the knowledge of contemporary genre theory to other scholarly and scientific fields working with generic questions, and to train junior researchers in contemporary genre theory.