Copenhagen Studies in Genre

Copenhagen Studies in Genre is a new, internationally oriented, transdisciplinary series of peer reviewed scholarly publications. It strives to identify and expand the boundaries of genre research, and to disseminate knowledge about the manifold forms and numerous applications of genre research. The journal allows a series of different scholarly approaches to meet, inspire, and challenge each other in a continuous effort to be at the forefront of genre research.

Copenhagen Studies in Genre addresses the manifold genres of human communication, culture, art, and science. Reaching across existing scholarly and scientific boundaries, the series combines functional, formal, and historical approaches to genre. Copenhagen Studies in Genre aims to unite the current focus on the function and social context of genre with studies of the historical transformations of genre, and of the working of this phenomenon in social life, in communication, in organisations, in information systems, in scholarship, in the arts, and in history.

The series was founded in 2014 by the Centre for Genre Research at the University of Copenhagen. Deriving from a department of Nordic Studies, the series accepts publications in the Nordic languages, as well as in English. For more information contact Jack Andersen and Sune Auken.

The series

  1. Auken, Sune & Sunesen, Christel (2014). Ved lejlighed. Grundtvig og genrerne (Eds.). Hellerup: Spring. (Copenhagen Studies in Genre; vol. 1)
  2. Auken, Sune, Lauridsen, Palle Schantz, & Rasmussen, Anders Juhl (2015). Genre and …(Eds.) Copenhagen: Ekbátana. (Copenhagen Studies in Genre; vol. 2)