The Centre for Genre Research works to expand, develop, and challenge existing genre research and to disseminate knowledge about genre to other researchers, to other interested parties, and to the public at large. Research at the centre is concerned with the manifold functions, roles, and forms of genres. Genres are ubiquitous in culture, in communication and in cognition. Thus, in our public lives and as private persons we are perpetually confronted with genres and have to understand, communicate, learn, appropriate, and act through genres.


Genre across Borders

KOMPLITT - Forum för komparativ litteraturvetenskap
Lund University

Center for Fictionality Studies
Aarhus University

The Grundtvig Study Centre
Aarhus University

RAMUND, Radio research project
University of Copenhagen

Advisory board

Anne Freadman
- prof. University of Melbourne
Carolyn R. Miller
- prof. emeritus, Univ. of North Carolina
Charles Bazerman
- prof., Univ. of California Santa Barbara
Amy J. Devitt
- prof., University of Kansas
Anis Bawarshi
-  prof., University of Washington
Mike Sinding 
- Research Fellow, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
Anthony Paré
-  prof., University of British Columbia
Catherine Schryer
-  prof., Ryerson University
Heather MacNeil
-  prof., University of Toronto
David R. Russel
-  prof., Iowa State University
Sigmund Ongstad, prof. emeritus,
- Oslo/Akershus Uni. of Applied Sciences
Mats Dahlström
-  Senior Lecturer, University of Borås  
John Swales
-  prof. emeritus, University of Michigan
Maksymilian Del Mar, reader
-  Queen Mary University of London
Mary Jo Reiff
-  prof., University of Kansas
Alexander Bareis
- assoc. prof., Lund University
Ashley Rose Mehlenbacher
- assist. prof., University of Waterloo